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Eversheds Sutherland Africa Alliance (ESAA)

Who are we?

Aware of the emerging issues and new challenges in Africa, Eversheds Sutherland decided to create in 2013 an innovative platform for sharing best practice and promoting the highest standards of legal service across Africa. The Eversheds Sutherland Africa Alliance is a unique entity that provides member law firms in Africa with access to training, knowledge sharing programmes and commercial opportunities on a regional and international basis. By coordinating and sharing legal experiences between Eversheds Sutherland and ESAA members alike, we are able to provide you top legal services, wherever you do business.


Over 37 offices across Africa

Why work with us ?

Unrivalled benefits to ESAA members

More than just sharing knowledge via our Extranet platform, the ESAA network aims to organise secondments in Eversheds Sutherland offices for African lawyers and in participating law firms for Eversheds Sutherland lawyers.

Clients at the very heart of the strategy

For you, it means being informed of any new legal areas developments significant to your business. Our ESAA network provides tailored training via cyber seminars and webinars.

Lawyers across Africa

For you, it means access to the combined knowledge of firms in over 35 countries across the continent. The ESAA helps you to keep abreast of legal developments and enables us to continue to deliver world class international legal services wherever you do business.

Algeria Angola Benin Burkina Faso
Cameroon Cape Verde Chad Comoros
Congo Côte d’Ivoire Djibouti Egypt
Ethiopia Gabon Ghana Kenya
Liberia  Madagascar Malawi Mali
Mauritania Mauritius - Eversheds Sutherland  Morocco Mozambique
Namibia Niger Nigeria Senegal
Seychelles Sierra Leone South Africa - Eversheds Sutherland  Sudan
Tanzania Togo Tunisia - Eversheds Sutherland El Heni Uganda 
Zambia  Zimbabwe 

“The biggest advantage is the sharing of knowledge between members, which is very important, but there is also an opportunity to get and give referrals from and to other lawyers across Africa.”

Hyacinthe Fansi, Avocat, Ngassam,Fansi & Mouafo, Cameroon ESAA member

“For us the advantages of joining Eversheds [Sutherland] were clear – it was the chance to be part of a big, high quality global network, which some of our clients increasingly need.”

Andrew Turner, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland, South Africa